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General info


Find your new home in the heart of Innsbruck. Our international house in the Dreiheiligen district has 85 fully furnished single and double rooms on 4 floors. The majority of our rooms are designed in the form of flat shares. The community is encouraged, but at the same time privacy is preserved. All rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are fully furnished and have internet and cable TV connections.

Meet your roommates at a table tennis tournament, learn together for the next exam or enjoy the end of the day on the roof terrace. There is always something going on at the Dreiheiligen campus.

The Dreiheiligen campus was developed and expanded in 2008/2009 and is now divided into the following parts of the building: and modern

Classic…charming and cosy

Classic/Plus...the perfect mix

Basic kitchen inventory


The kitchens in the Classic and Classic/Plus parts of the building are equipped with a basic inventory of pots and pans, plates, glasses, cups and cutlery, so that the first meal does not just consist of “cold food”. All you have to do is fill the fridge yourself...


In the Plus part of the building, you must bring kitchen utensils such as crockery, pots, pans, glasses, cutlery, etc., depending on your own needs.

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